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April 28, 2011

Blog Update

Hi all,

I have a few items to update between Spotlight Postings on my blog so I thought I would get some fresh material up on the site.

I am currently doing a little research on my next guest so hopefully I can get my questions out to the next Local Age Grouper soon so that there is not a large gap between interviews. I would still love to have athletes nominated to put up some new faces so don’t be shy and volunteer a deserving friend today! I would also like to post some local, female triathletes as all the articles to date have been on the male side of the fence.

My next update concerns my injury rehab. It seemed to take most of the winter to clear up but I am running and riding pain free these days so it looks like I will not miss any races due to the nerve issue. It is not 100% but very close and the only symptoms I feel are very mild tightness, usually after driving for long periods of time. I would like to thank everyone for their advice on treatments and home remedies. I will say my Physiotherapist did a very good job at addressing several issues in my back and we will continue to work together to keep things in better working order for the future. Also, the Turmeric that Khizer recommended seems to be helping nicely, once you get past the taste. A spoonful in some green tea does the trick for me!

In other news, I excitedly took on the task of helping out the 30 Somethings relay squad for the YMCA 5k run on May 31st. A speedy friend asked me to join his team and I could not pass up the chance to go after a faster 5k than a few weeks ago. It helps that I like the team concept and the funds go to a great cause. Not sure which split I will run but I think going first would be good so you can see where the competition sits. Later in the race, you will start lapping other teams and get confused in the mix.

With this race, and the Mississauga Half Marathon (May 15) on the schedule for sure, Tyler and I have decided to sit out Victoria’s Duathlon as things are pretty busy for races to start the season. I hate to miss this season opener (I have raced it every year that I have been involved in the sport) but my legs will be mush after the Half Marathon the week before. Milton will now be my first Duathlon of the season which works out well on many levels. This event is a lot closer to home and I always have a bunch of family drop by to watch so I don’t want to miss a chance to race in front of them. I sent my Options to Tyler to see what he thought and this is what we have put together...

*Mississauga Half – May 15

*YMCA 5k – May 31
*Milton Du – June 5
*Guelph Lakes Oly Du – June 19
*Peterborough Half Iron Du – July 10
*Cobourg Oly Du – Aug 13
*Ottawa Half Iron Du – Sept 3
*Lakeside Du – Sept 17

Lastly, I have been working on some product reviews with the help of so I should have some neat postings up soon. I have been testing some of their new products during recent training sessions and would like to share my opinion on these supplements/nutritional aids. I hope you find them helpful when you look to introduce some new items to your training routine!

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