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February 15, 2011

Age Grouper Spotlight - Glenn Camplin

Team HiPerformance athlete, Glenn Camplin, is my next subject in the Age Grouper Series on my blog. I have been lucky enough to train with Glenn for the past few years (with our coach Tyler Lord) and have seen just how hard this driven triathlete works to stay at the top of his AG.

He has a well rounded mix of swimming, cycling and running which makes it very tough to catch him out on the course. This season, this Hamilton native will look to improve on an incredibly successful 2010 as he attempts to push the bar even higher.

 10 Questions with Glenn Camplin

Q1. What got you started in triathlon?

- After way too many years of inactivity, I decided I should do something to get back into shape. Around that time one of my friends was competing in the Niagara Duathlon and another in the triathlon. My wife and I went to watch them to yell some encouragement. After the race, my friend told me given my swimming background, I should give triathlon a try and that was the start of it.

Q2. Is there a workout you dread to see on your schedule? How do you overcome this initial lack of enthusiasm to get through it?

- That's easy, track workouts. They hurt way too much! I much prefer long steady/tempo runs. The only thing that gets me through it is the results they produce. No doubt about it, the track makes you fast.

Q3. You have been training with Tyler Lord for a few years now. How does a coach help you most (motivation, form, periodization, etc.)?

- Tyler helps immeasurably. The biggest benefits from working with a coach are that it keeps you accountable, and the knowledge he provides. Before, I would just go out and swim, bike and run kind of aimlessly, thinking more means better. Now my training is much more focused.

Q4. What do you hope to accomplish in the 2011 season?

- I haven't really decided on a race schedule for this year, however, Tyler has suggested my "A" race could be going sub 4:20 at the Esprit 70.3 in Montreal this September.

Q5. Is there a professional athlete that inspires you to reach your goals?

- Chrissie Wellington. It is unbelievable how dominant she is. I was fortunate enough to see her racing Ironman she can go that fast and smile through the pain is inspirational. Also, the elite ITU athletes in general are inspiring. The speed they possess and the pain barriers they can push themselves through is crazy.

Q6. You have traveled to several races outside of Ontario, which destination race have you enjoyed most?

- The ITU Grand Finale in Surfer's Paradise, Australia has to be my favourite race. The race organization was great, the weather was great and Australia is such an awesome place to relax for a holiday at the end of the season.

Q7. What is your greatest source of information for triathlon, magazines, online sites, blogs, coach, etc.?

- All of the above. I check out athlete's blogs and web sites fairly consistently. Tyler always keeps me up to date with everything in the triathlon world. Also, training partners and I need something to talk about during our long runs and rides.

Q8. Is there any training aid that you cannot live without, I.E. HR monitor, GPS, power metre, gels, Gatorade, etc.?

-Two things. Firstly, my wattage metre. Two years ago, I just rode the trainer and had no real idea how to train properly on it. With the power metre, I can accurately do intervals and gauge my progress. The second thing would be Eload Fly. Not many people seem to know about it but, for longer races when nutrition is very important, it is a great product. I like to add it to my water bottles to make a super concentrated drink to make sure I get enough carbs and calories.

Q9. Do you try to stick to a strict nutritional plan or do you eat whatever is convenient at the time?

- I have to stick to a nutritional plan as much as possible. I seem to gain weight very easily and very quickly due to my sweet tooth. If I don't stick to my plan, I feel very blotted and slow.

Q10. Do you listen to music during training? If yes, what song really gets you rolling?

- I don't listen to music as much as I used to. We can't race with music so I try not to become reliant on it while training, however, a little Rage Against the Machine has gotten me through a few tough track workouts.

Thanks for your time Glenn!

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