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June 11, 2010

Mid-June Update!

Hey Gang,

Just wanted to promote my new blog that Multisport Canada is carrying on their website. We are trying to keep the material exclusive to their site so if you enjoy my writing, please drop by their site to check things out!

Have to send out a huge thanks to John Salt and Roger Hospedales for starting up this project! I really appreciate their support and look forward to getting out on the MSC Series to get in a bunch of races this summer.

Carrying on with that theme, I will be heading out to Hamilton this Sunday to put down my first Triathlon of the season at the Binbrook Triathlon. I feel really good these days and expect a fun event as I look to build on my swimming experiences.

I have some goals in mind, especially on the bike and run, where I would love be close to the top of the field for the last two legs, combined. The biggest thing for me is to remind myself to push through into the next gear. Sometimes I get stale or stuck in a pace that is below my real potential, almost afraid to blow up half way through the run. I have to start to trust my training and hit the pace that I am capable of each time I am out there. I hit it a few times near the end of the year but missed it a bunch of other times during 2009. Time to step it up mentally on race day and hammer through the pain!

Have a great weekend!

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