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June 7, 2010

Looking Forward...

Must stay positive out of this weekend or I will end up blowing an incredible opportunity.

Decided to stay home and not venture into the rain and cold wind on Sunday for the Milton event. From what I have heard from friends, it ended up being a pretty decent day and the guys and gals had some very impressive results. Congrats, your are all very brave souls for making the trip.

That being said, I am now turning my attention to next Sunday and the Binbrook Triathlon near Hamilton, Ontario. It is nice and close to home and is the site to a one of my first duathlons back in 2007 (I have a score to settle with the bike couse). I got to the bike first and actually had the police escort leading out (that was pretty neat to experience) but was soon passed as my rookie cycling skills died in the wind. Lessons learned!

So, it may feel like a long week leading up but I am going to work my butt off to prepare for this weekend, rain or shine!

Wish me luck!

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