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May 8, 2010

The weather outside is weather...

Well, it is ugly out there today so I was lucky to have my favourite ("not so much") track workout scheduled. 6 x 2k intervals is a toughie for me so I was not to sad to take it into the treadmill where I made the machine push me through this run workout. Thank goodness I have a few weeks before the next 6x2k workout as it is a killer.

For the bike, I will end up on the trainer in the garage tonight for a pretty smooth spin. I did want to try a ride outside on Sunday but it looks to be a chilly day in the works. We will see what the afternoon brings.

As for the new Argon E114, I have been pretty lucky to find some decent used Dura-Ace parts to add to the already amazing kit I have purchased. I also found a saddle today on sale at a local bike shop so I have kept things within the budget. Only thing left is a rear bake brake so hopefully everything makes it here in plenty of time to assemble the week before Victoria's. I think "Last Minute" is my middle name so I am not too concerned, yet!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mom, including my grandma, Mom and wife.

Have a great day!

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