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April 13, 2010

Plugging along...

Last time I mentioned that I was just getting in a bunch of workouts but not really sticking to a plan. It is a week later, and the work load from my daytime job is pretty high these days so I have not found time to sit down and design my plan of attack. Although, I kind of like being flexible, I also feel that I may be falling behind others who may be going through their proper periodizations and weekly routines. Sometimes my head just spins trying to think what is best for my goals this season.

Only thing I really know these days is that I want to get faster. Much, much faster! I am not sure what fuels it and I am not sure if it is always the best way to look at the sport but that is my current mental make up. I would love to just train for fun and race for fun but it is not how it plays out. I do not look at the people that can just enjoy it as a fun time any differently. I totally respect their direction and believe each person has their own agenda but something deep inside my head (if I had a brain I would have used that in place of head...) tells me to go fast, try as hard as possible, push. I guess that is why I have seen decent improvements in the short time spent in the sport (but may sit a little too close to the edge of the dreaded burn out)...

Sometimes, when I do get the opportunity to train with the group, or other friends, I feel I am trying too hard and hope they don't think I am showing off. It is just the way I ride, run, swim. There is always going to be an effort but I am still having fun so I hope nobody takes it the wrong way.

Love to hear anyone else's thoughts or suggestions for my game plan?

Take care,


Syd Trefiak said...

Well. I know that feeling. Was there a few years back. Eventually it passes.

The one major benefit of speed work is it is short work. The ones that really cause the issues are the long runs and rides (Ironman type training). That is where you lose friends and family! :>>

Quality training over quantity is very important for the competitive AG athlete. Don't do any junk miles. If you find the time to train, make every mile count. Lots of tempo efforts over increasing distances. This will really pay off in the triathlon world. Since you are doing TT's in races, doing TT's in training is also a good call. All out harder than race pace efforts over 20 or 30 km (cycling) or 5-10km (running) or 500 to 1000m swimming.

You are fit enough now to start getting away with this. Just make sure that you schedule in that rest as well. Also find a good post workout supplement to allow you to recover faster. Endurox R4 is really good.


Awesome pep talk Syd! You always know how to lift my spirits and make sense of my confusions in this sport.

When are you guys moving this way? HAHA

Just need that once a week (or once every two weeks) person watching to push and critique on my track workout or on my TT's.

Thanks again and talk soon!