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March 7, 2010

Chilly Half Marathon LeaderBoard

Wow, what a results board for todays Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington! Just looking at the first few pages, I can see so many great times by people I know, train with or have chatted with at some race over the past few months.

Seeing all the impressive times by the likes of Greg McNabb, Adrian Lawson, Tyler Lord, Marko Durbic, Mike Bosch, Brian Hastings, Jowenne Hererra, Richard Westwood, Bill Vieira, Jim Dalzell and Tommy Ferris has me wondering where i would have landed at this point in time. Great running everyone!

When I first looked at the results I was a little bumbed out that I could not run today, due to work. Also, I had been to the bike show earlier in the day and walked away from an amazing deal on a carbon frame for a road bike that would have stretched the budget these days and would not have been a smart spend at this time. House work (garage door) is priority right now and I really had to remind myself that the dog house is very cold at this time of the year.

There were so many other great deals to be had, even mid-way through Sunday. Even the Dura-Ace components in some of the booths were going for 75% off. So what if they are a year or two behind in the model number, to save that amount on quality parts to put on the bike you train with is quite a deal. As you can imagine, the "what ifs" of the day had me a little down at night.

Thankfully, I pulled myself off the couch and suited up for a solid, long run with hills. I ended up doing 22 km and even held the pace as my final 12km were into the wind and mainly uphill. The wind was pretty chilly at this point of the night so I am now just trying to warm up and relax enough to hit the hay.

Anyway, just wanted to say Congrats to all the solid runs put in today by those I know! Can't wait to read all the reports.

Keep up the great work!



Tommy Ferris said...

ha! thanks for including my name on the "leaderboard". very generous of you!


I read your blog Tommy so I knew that you were just getting back to race form after your injury last fall. It looks like things went close to the plan outlined in your pre-race report. I hope everything felt good and you are now ready to tackle the season.

I was amazed that this was your first half given how great a runner you are. I think you are good for a sub 1:20 by the end of the summer.

Talk soon,

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