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March 21, 2010

Buying Expensive Gear to Save Race Weight?

I have been reading a lot about new gadgets and gear lately. It is the Spring thing to do with all the 2010 Gear Issues out on news stands.

What has really hit me of late is the cost of these new pieces of equipment, usually re-designed to cut weight.

Here is my quick take…before you go out and spend an extra $300 to $700 to replace your stock brakes (just one example) to save 200 grams, consider what you are carrying in the first place.

Do you carry too much water or gatorade on your bike? Chances are you have filled up a few bottles (to the rim) for a sprint triathlon or duathlon. Remember that 1 litre of water is roughly 1000 grams of weight added to your ride ( ).

Since most races have water stations out on the run portion, you really should not need that much liquid on the bike, unless it is a super hot day.

What else do you have on your race kit that you really do not need that would save you weight before spending a small fortune?


Syd Trefiak said...

Yeah, but buying gear is the best part of triathlon! What other sport (golf excluded) has so many fun gimicky things! Especially for bikes! Which is my personal little money sink. :>


Just you wait. You will have a new money sink very soon and your bike is going to be jealous of the attention somebody else is getting. HAHA

Jason said...

people always miss the obvious, reducing body weight is the best way. Although I agree that buying the gear is the best part!