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May 15, 2013

Long road from recovery...

So this Monday (May 20th), I will finally get back into a duathlon. This will be my first since last July in Cobourg and I am super excited but a little nervous.

I have been training very hard and think I have put myself back into solid duathlon shape for my age. I hope I can better my last effort on this course from a few years back and, if I do this, I should be able to crack the top 10 and hit the line not too far off the great athletes this race attracts. I am sure if Mr Sanders makes an appearance, he will be miles up the road but I hope I can compete with the other age groupers that come out for the event.

Other than that, life has been pretty non-eventful so I will just give you a link to save some money.

Endless Endurance is a great online shopping destination for running, biking accessories and nutritional items. Almost all product is on sale this week so check out the site below. All orders are free shipping in Canada so stock up and save lots of dough before the season gets rolling.

Also, I have ONE more discount to give away on carbon wheels from my friends at 3SIXTY5 Cycling. If you want to save $50 dollars on a great set of carbon wheels, email Chris Day at and use promo code LB365 for your savings. Remember, you need to be the first to use this code to save as this is my promotional offer!

Good luck to all those racing this weekend!

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