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February 1, 2013

Catching Up To Do...

So I was away in the Kona area last week with work so I have a bunch of catching up to do with family, training, everyday work duties, etc. A lot of people (mostly co-workers) ask me why I do not take much time off work and this is exactly the reason. I hate falling behind and then having to stress to catch up when I return. Sure it is nice to see the world, enjoy some down time and relax now and then but I would rather give a smooth, consistent effort than rush to prep for the time off, get lazy for a week and the have to scramble to get back up to speed.

Although, the Kona trip was work related, I was still able to get in a bunch of running miles during some free time but, unfortunately, I missed out on a bike adventure along the IM route. We did drive almost the full extent of it so that was neat to see the views caught on TV and photographs. I now have an even deeper appreciation of how tough that bike course must be as the winds were howling and the temperatures (even in January) were very hot.

Our View at Lunch - Hiking Day
Alright, now that I have that distraction behind me, it is time to get serious. My running feels very good these days so it is just a matter of getting back down to race weight and finding a great race to inspire me to do so. I have not raced since August and need to get back on the horse. It is almost like I am too nervous to get back on the line as I do not want to have a sub-par performance and find out I am way behind schedule. This is silly so I just have to get registered and stick to the plan.
On the bike, things are starting to come along...slowly. I was not going to push it too much out of the gate and really focus on the run but I have had some encouraging words from my 2012 team to get my butt into gear. I will not race as much as last season but would like to help out where I can to get the M2 fellas some upgrade points so that they can join our strong threesome in M1. This sounds a lot more safe than M3 so hopefully I can register with the group and work my role to give them a chance to point in some early races. I know riding with these guys is very tough and will do nothing but improve my riding strength so I hope I can find enough time per week to saddle up with the group.
This takes us to sponsorship, or lack there of in my case. I spent as much time as I ever have allocated to this part of the game and still have nothing new to show for it. I am not really shocked, to be honest, as Canadian businesses do not seem too interested in getting behind Age Group athletes. I did have a few leads that I thought would pay off but in the end my name was not called so I will just continue to save money by shopping for deals and wearing, eating and riding what ever make financial sense.
In 2013, I will have Rudy Project (proud team member for a number of years) in my corner but no other gear support in my lead up to DuWorlds. Thankfully, I have some great friends with stores in the area that have always lent a helping hand so if you are looking for shoes and running gear, carbon bike gear or tri products please pay them a visit! Feet in Motion (Georgetown ), 3sixty5 Cycling (online ) and Endless Endurance (online ) .

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