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November 13, 2012

The days go by...

Although, there is not too exciting to blog about, I still would like to keep things fresh so I hope the weekly updates do not bore too much.

Today, I was checking race sites to see if the MCC had confirmed the date for this year's Chilly Willy. To my surprise the event came up as cancelled on so I emailed the organizers. They quickly responded that the event would be a MCC members only run this year so the public cannot participate. This is a shame as I have enjoyed this event on a number of occasions and was looking forward to an 8k race in a few weeks. I guess it is back to the drawing board.

In run training news, I had another great week with several solo runs and a few excellent group runs. On Friday I joined Robbie T for a spirited double looper on the Egg Nog Jog course. Not an easy course at training speeds and even tougher when we decided to drop the pace for much of the run. On Sunday, I managed to get out with the Falcons as we visited the Caledon Hills around Inglewood. I was feeling good and made sure to attack the hills as hard as I could just to push the legs. This was another solid workout for the week in which I posted close to 100k so things are looking very good these days.

To start this week, I was able to zoom down to Oakville after work and get a run in with Kevin Smith and his TOC Oakville group. With many of the TOC racing in Kingston the previous day, the group was small and the pace was fun. It was a good setting to chat and see what the running club can offer for 2013 as I look to push this part of my game to a new level. I have been on the fence with Kevin's crew for a few years now as the schedule has usually conflicted with mine but I think I can make it work this season so I look forward to working with someone that has kicked my butt for many years on the duathlon scene.

Unfortunately, I do not have any news on the sponsorship side. This is good and bad. Good in that I did not hear any rejections. Bad in that rejections at this time usually puts other requests at risk as many teams have already been selected so adding a request to their inbox will surely not be considered this late in the game. In some instances I did send out several applications to "like" companies but with some categories, I really would like to go with the brands I currently use and trust. Hopefully, a few positive responses come in soon and the whole effort will not be a wasted use of time.

Lastly, it is time to hop back on the bike asap. I have been reluctant coming back from the crash and now I have created a routine without riding. With the chill back in the air today it looks like the trainer will be back in business so i better get things set up and stop making excuses. I really need to get back up to speed on this beast as I was clipping along pretty well around the end of June thanks to rides with Kurzawinski Coach and his crew. This fall and winter, though, I will need to spend a lot more time on the TT bike to make sure I am ready to nail the duathlons next spring.

So, that was my week. Anyone have any exciting news they would like to pass along?
Happy training!

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