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August 18, 2011

New Info Box on my Site >>>

I received a few emails lately regarding my weekly training schedule. I am more than happy to give you the basics of my day-to-day workouts so I am adding a text box to the right side of my blog to show how my week should break down.

I am given a program once a week from Tyler and try to stick to it as much as possible. As I have other responsibilities, I sometimes have to switch things around but usually find the time to get each element included during the corresponding seven day period.

Ideally, I would like to stick to the original layout as it is created with speed days, rest days, easy days, long days, etc. in a particular order to get the most out of my body. If I am forced to switch things around, I must get creative with the schedule but, with experience, I am usually able to re-arrange the week to make it flow smoothly so I do not place conflicting workouts close together. This can kill the performance of future workouts so I have to be careful not to tax my body too many workouts in consecutive order.

I also train with friends on occasion so I have to flex the schedule here and there to allow for some of these training opportunities. I will usually go with the flow with friends and then check out my schedule to see what workout the run or ride resembled the most and then cross it off the "To Do" list for the week.

If you have any further questions about my training, please send me an email at larrybradleytoronto(at)


Anonymous said...

like the training plan add on, how come you didnt race provincal duathalon championships?


Thank you!

Actually, ONT Du Championship was on my list up to about a month before the race and was one of my big races for 2011.

That was until work called me away for a few trips in the 2 weeks leading up. I also had a family event pop up on that date so it just became too tough to make the trip to Cobourg.

I really wish I could have made it for the race but sometimes the schedule just doesn't play out the way you plan it.

All the best,