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January 4, 2011

2011 Goals - Larry Bradley

I think everyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge dreamer when it comes to running, duathlon and cycling. I am very passionate about my hobbies and truly believe that I have a lot more room to improve, even at my advancing age.

I have only been running since mid-2005 and cycling since late-2006, therefore, I really haven't been at it for very long but I think my results show that I have come a long way from the overweight, inactive person I was before I got into this lifestyle.

All this being said, I aim big every year when I set up my goals. In 2010, I hit some targets but also missed many results I was hoping to achieve. Much of this can be linked back to the high swim standards I expected to reach. I did not get to that point and realized the lack of excitement and training opportunities for that sport were holding me back from doing what I really love -  running and cycling.

I came up with the following 5 goals that I want to work with Coach Tyler to achieve this season. Some are running specific and others are duathlon in nature.

1. Sub 1:20:00 Mississauga Half Marathon

2. Top 10 at Victoria's Duathlon

3. Sub 17:00 5k or sub 35:00 10k (depends on which distance fits into my schedule this year)

4. Sub 2:00:00 Olympic Duathlon

5. Top 3 Overall at Ontario Duathlon Championships / 1st AG

It would also be nice to match the number of wins I had in Duathlon in 2009 (before I entered the world of triathlon last season).

Some people do not like to share their goals, and I totally get where they are coming from, but I like to put it all out there. If I don't hit some of these in 2011, hopefully, somebody will point it out and I will work even harder to make it happen in the future.

Best wishes!


Luke Ehgoetz said...

Good luck Larry. I think you'll nail these for sure. I hope to do Victoria's Du and push you if I can, but not sure how it will fit into the training. I got alot of long distance stuff to do around then, and I think the speed is going to fall off (it should, or I'm looking at death in some of my races!!)


Thanks Luke! I think the way you are cycling these days, i will be following you around the Vic course. I read your blog last night and see that you are keeping super busy. Takes a lot of dedication for the full and you are more than qualified for that. Man, I wish I had your drive to get so much done before work. You are in for another awesome season. See you out there!

Carlos Vilchez said...

Nice goals Larry! You're a speed demon! A sub 17 5k! What are you like 21 years old!!

Hopefully we bump into eachother this year... Still ironing out my schedule for 2011 but I'm for sure capping it off with the Muskoka 70.3!


Hey Carlos,

Great blog! I had a chance this morning to read through many of your postings. I'll trade you a little running speed for some of your awesome swimming speed? HAHA I added your blog to my roll so I can keep up to date on your progress. Funny how only an hour of geography can affect your training. I have not had to deal with any snow on my runs so far in the off season.
Keep chipping away at your times and you will be booking your Vegas trip for sure!
Talk soon,

Robbie-T Runs. said...

Good luck Larry! We have a few similar goals, lets get them.


Thanks Robbie! Always happy to hear that you and I have the same ideas as that adds motivation to keep up with you! I know you will be knocking on those doors this season so I better work as hard to stay close.