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December 9, 2010

Egg Nog Jog 2010 - Preview

So we are expecting a huge dump of snow this Sunday, just in time for the Egg Nog Jog 10.8k race in Terra Cotta. This race is tough enough as it is without Mother Nature hitting us hard. I know it will be cold and I am ready for that but if it is taking place during a blizzard, there is no hope to break the 40 minute barrier on this course. Check out the approximate elevation (in Metres) for this run. It is not a mountain run by any means but the lack of flats has your legs screaming for mercy. If you don't believe me, sign up for 2011 and I will see you there! 2010 has already sold all 600 spots so there will not be any race day registrations.

Might be another day to put on the spikes!

 Egg Nog Jog 10.8k - Elevation Chart

 2009 Egg Nog Jog - on the Icy Roads (needed spikes)

2009 Egg Nog Jog - Chasing Greg up the big hill (good luck catching that power house!)


greg said...

Larry Best of luck this weekend. I will be absent from the race this year (gotta work) sounds like your having a good year - I think spikes my be the way to go. I learned my lesson last year. See you on the start line somewhere soon (for sure next year on this one) think 38:30 for next year.....

Thanks for the props and the photo!


Thanks Greg! So good to hear from you. Wish you were out there as I could use as many rabbits as possible to go under 40. Hope the weather is as nice as it was today for tomorrow's race. I am sure the snow will get us though. HAHA

See you soon! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

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