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November 1, 2010

Road2Hope (Hamilton) Half Marathon Week

I made it through the Halloween holiday without incident and stuck to my plan of zero treat intake for the past few weeks. It feels very good to watch the pounds fall off as I get closer to my usual race weight.

I am now only a few pounds away and know I will get to my happy spot before Sunday. Anything above that weight and I start to let it play on my confidence during the drive to the race. Bad habit but I know I don't need to be carrying any extra poundage down the 21.1k course.

With my registration officially submitted, I am now very excited to make the trip over to Hamilton this weekend and hope to reach my lofty goal of a sub 1:20 half marathon. I will easily break my PB in this race as I have not competed at this distance outside a tri or duathlon in several years.

At last year's marathon (my header photo comes from the 2009 Road2Hope), on the same course, my 21.1k split for the 42.2 distance was well below my last official half mary time so I cannot see how I can mess up the PB effort. The goal time is another question but I trust that my training and experience will get me in good position to take a run at it. I also found out that a good friend, Jo-Jo, will be chasing a similar goal so we should be able to work together to keep a consistent pace and for moral support. There are also a bunch of Falcons (Ang and Richard for sure!!) heading down the QEW so that makes it even more fun to race with some of the FMCT crew.

This is my first running race since the 5k in the spring (I, it's been a while) so I look forward to getting out on the open road and not worrying if I will make it through a swim or running into mechanicals on the bike. It is always nice to pack light for a race! HAHA

The marathon I ran here last year was a very good race and was a solidly organized event. I was debating as to which Half Marathon I wanted to run a month ago so I am glad my coach talked me into this race. It is close to home, well run, good roads, fun atmosphere and competitive at my level (so I have others to push me). Now if the weather works in our favour, the day should be very enjoyable once I get a few kilometres under my belt to burn off the pre-race nerves.

Before I hit the post button, I want to send my best wishes out to a bunch of friends hitting the Ironman Course in Florida this weekend. Coach Tyler, Bill V, Terri R and Nathalie B are all prepared and going to have a great race this weekend. Go Falcons and Coach!

Coming Soon - 2010 Egg Nog Jog!


Robbie-T Runs. said...

Good luck in Hamilton, I'm cheering for you.

Sub 40 at the Egg Nog!! This is what the training all year long has been leading to.


You will be very tough to match, that is for sure. I am going to have to get some hill work in to keep up. That monster in the middle almost did my in last year.

Thanks for the Cheers! See you in Guelph at XC! (I am only doing the 5k course but should bump into you.)

Talk soon,

Robbie-T Runs. said...

I plan on following you almost all the way to the finish line ;-)

Wow man, great effort at Hamilton, so close, solid results!!


HAHA, I remember that one from last year and you were very close. I had to dig super deep to keep that smallest of gaps. The heat was on for sure. That's what made it so fun no matter who ended up crossing first.

Yeah, so close in Hamilton. Course was over 400m long so i am going through the "What Ifs?" today. A bunch of us were bunched going for that and left a little upset at the distance.

Thanks for the comment!!!!
Talk soon,