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August 10, 2010

Weekly Update - Timberman Lead Up

Less than two weeks before the big event at Timberman 70.3! I am getting pretty excited about this one now and am looking forward to the hype that surrounds an Ironman Production. I have not discussed the exact strategy for the race yet but am sure it will be more of a learning experience for the future when I have the swimming skills to compete with the amazing age groupers that show up to these challenges. Lots to take in on this tough course...

As for my training, I think everything is where it should be at this stage of the block. I am pretty sure I have tried my hardest to prepare, although, I would love to have my swimming stroke a little more efficient at this point of the season. I was very aggressive with my expectations and had to reel things in a touch to realize that it just doesn't work that way for the majority of the population (unless your name is Bruce Bird! HAHA). Luckily, I am still healthy and "young" enough that I can expect to enjoy many more years of triathlon so there's a lot of time to improve and reach my long term goals.

Since the Welland race, I have been working with Tyler Lord and his group to add some structure to my routine. I saw the need to bring in someone to set me up for a successful trip to New Hampshire or I would just blow up out there and waste a lot of time and money on a disasterous experience. Hopefully, the last few months of training will stick in my head while I am on the course and I will resist the urge to push too hard at the wrong time.

I had worked with Syd for a few years in the beginning of my duathlon days but with me in Mississauga and he in Port Perry, we did not get to do the face to face training. Syd has also just started his family (congrats guys!), is highly involved with the Port Perry Triathlon Club and is guiding a very good paratriathlete (Ryan Van Praet) so over the last two seasons, I did not want to add any more to his busy schedule.

After Timberman, I have three Olympic distance races on the plan. Cobourg will be tough one week after the Half Ironman so I hope I can be recovered by then. After that, it is up to Wasaga Beach Tri and then Lakeside Tri. I did the short version of Lakeside last fall and thought the Sunday race was still a sprint. I did not realize it was Olympic until I looked at the website the other day. Doh! I was hoping to swim a little less to hammer the bike and run for one final time this year ;-)

Speaking of bike, I tried to have it fit to my racing needs last week but that did not go so well. These new designs do not leave much room for adjustments, especially, when you buy used and don't have all to kits from the manufacturer. The bike is also too aggressive for my back and not really a great match for my triathlon needs. If you are interested in a quick TT bike or a fast bike for sprint Tri's, please let me know.

Talk soon,


Digger said...

Hi Larry;
What size and type of bike is it you are selling?


Hey Digger,

It is a medium (54-56). Here is the link to the geometry for the bike. I believe it is the 2008 version and is mainly black with red and white trim.