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July 16, 2010

Weekly Update

It seems like such a long time since my last race so I am getting the bug to compete. I have decided to take a run at the Muskoka Long Course Triathlon next weekend (it has been a race I have had on and off the calendar so many times this season) so that has put the next race on the map and I look forward to the chance to mix it up with a very strong field.

I have been working very hard, in my opinion (HAHA), over the course of the last few weeks, since Welland, and received some great guidance to make my training organized and meaningful. The program is challenging, but fair, so I have been trying to stick to it as best as possible in order to allow the plan's proven track record to work its magic on me.

A few quick thoughts about this race next Sunday...
-as a duathlete, I raced twice on this course and it was my favourite venue. I was a little disappointed to see them change the run course this season and the distance of the new run is only 13k, as compared to 15k. It now has many turns and twist on smaller side streets so it will take more focus to stay on course. One of my long term goals was to go under 60 minutes for the 15k so it looks like I will not be able to chase this in 2010.

-after Welland, I have the confidence to complete 2k in open water. I am not fast by any means (with this field I will be lucky to leave the water in the top 50%) but I will look forward to getting to the bike on one of the more challenging bike legs in triathlon for this area.

-although, I had some decent cycling splits on this course (compared to the Age Groupers in du and tri fields), I am a little concerned about my bike set up going into the race. With work and some other commitments on the weekends, I have not had a chance to visit a local shop to get the bike fit completed. Last race was a major indication on how important this is and I don't think my personal set up is making the bike reach it's potential. I am not comfortable in the saddle and I feel I am too aggressive and leaving a lot of power behind with an overly closed hip angle. Need to get this done before Timberman for sure.

-the new date of this race due to the G8 Summit has placed it in a very hot and humid time of the year. This will be a huge factor if the weather trends continue into next weekend. I know from a few runs of late that my body is still not ready to perform 100% in these conditions. It has been a few years since we have had consistent high temps and muggy weather.

-lastly, I need to start racing my race and not worry about where I am on the result sheet this year. Mentally, it has been tough to see so many people ahead of me, especially when i get on the bike. In the duathlon, I was always up at the front on the first run and was hitting the bike portion up with the leaders. I have to manage expectations a lot better and swallow my pride until my swimming gets closer to the levels of the top age groupers. Easier said than done with my competitive spirit!

This weekend is the Ontario Duathlon Championships in Gravenhurst. It will be interesting to see how things end up on Saturday morning as it appears many faces from last year will not be racing. I wish Tommy Ferris the best of luck and hope to see him up at the top! He has worked very hard this season at putting himself at the top of the sport so he deserves all the best that comes to him. Also, best wishes to Adam Fitzsimmons (if he is on the starting line) as he has been solid this season and should be up there as well so I hope he has a great race. Roger Hospedales is always up for a Du so I know Rog will be there giving the course hell!

Not sure who else will be up in cottage country for that one but I hope everyone reaches their goals!

Take care,

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